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It gives me great pleasure to invite you to join us in Gwangju Metropolitan City, South Korea for the 22nd ICID Congress and 65th IEC meeting that will be held from 14-20 September 2014. The Theme of the Congress is “Securing Water for Food and Rural Community under Climate Change”.

The Korean National Committee of ICID (KCID) has once again offered to host an IEC, following their very successful 52nd IEC meeting in September 2001. Our Kore¬an colleagues were fantastic in 2001, hosting and organizing a very rich and broad technical programme. KCID went out of its way to ensure that all participants had a very positive and rewarding ICID meeting.
It is in this frame of mind, that I anticipate an exceptionally strong 22nd International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage and 65th International Executive Council (IEC) in Gwangju Metropolitan City in 2014. There is much to see and do in Korea. The country has demonstrated a sound vision of water management for food production and environmental protection. Korea has shown how sound water manage¬ment principles can drive economic prosperity and overall national development.

The Gwangju Metropolitan City is the sixth largest city in South Korea. The City is located in the south-western part of the country with major agricultural industry, 17 centuries-old historical dam site and 33km long Sae¬mangeum sea dike. Gwangju, where you can experience the taste and beauty of Asia is famous for its tradi¬tion, culture and arts. Especially during the fall season the city is full of festivals with many events of various sizes attracting tourists from all over the world, such as Gwangju Biennale exhibiting contemporary arts.

I am sure this is a great opportunity for all of us to not only participate in the IEC meetings and Congress, but also to visit and learn from the many models of irrigation and drainage success in Korea.

I can assure you that our colleagues in KCID will once again go out of their way to ensure your safety and enjoyment of a wonderful Congress, and visit to a country with much to see and experience technically, cul¬turally, and socially.
Yours truly,
Dr. Gao Zhanyi
President of ICID
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